Are you moving to Thane? Here’s everything you need to know

Are you moving to Thane? Here’s everything you need to know

Are you moving to Thane? Here’s everything you need to know

Thane is a metropolitan city in India. It is closely connected to Mumbai. Several people commute between Thane and Mumbai every day.

Are you moving to Thane soon? If you are, here are some interesting facts about the city that you should know.

  1. Thane city has an area of 147 km2
  2. The main language spoken in Thane is Marathi.
  3. Thane is known as the city of lakes.
  4. The Thane Railway station is one of the major stations on the Central line. It is also a hub for connecting the Western and the Central line.
  5. For reaching Thane by air, the nearest airport is the Mumbai Airport.

If you are moving to Thane soon, here is a useful city guide for Thane that will help you settle into the city with ease.

If you are looking to hire packers and movers for moving to Thane, here are some tips that will help you move with ease.

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